Cross Training and Boxing Fitness Conditioning

Cross-Training is the method of combining several different workout strategies (for instance, body building, lifting weights, body weight exercises, swimming, track and field, boxing…) for a single, comprehensive training session

You may improve your health and have a physically fit body by getting into boxing training fitness programs. This is the best way for you to have a stronger body and gain confidence. Boxing workouts can help you to be at your best fighting form as well.

Many people see positive results from boxing trainings. You may build stronger and more defined arms and legs. These programs and classes also help you to gain a sense of inner strength and emotional balance.

Global Sport Training Albufeira

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The Global Sport Training mission is to provide you motivation and experience to take your fitness goals to the next level. We offer a variety personal training programs that provide something for everyone regardless of your fitness condition. We also could customise a group class together if you want to workout with friends, family or other people.


Personal Training or Group Class

At your place / Outside / or At Global Sport Training Home

Possibility of physical training course over 1 week

Nordic Walking / Marche Nordique

Nordic walking is a walking technique with specific sticks that not only target the lower body but also the upper (90% of the muscles are stressed).

Arched legs and muscular arms will cause your body to improve your stamina and weight loss. You want to stimulate your entire body to avoid injury, Nordic walking is an excellent sport.

This practice has the wind in its sails for a lot of good reasons…

  • Complete endurance exercise
  • Excellent for back, knees, ankles. Less pressure than when walking or running
  • 90% of the muscles are solicited
  • Weight loss (loss of fat)
  • Enables effective control of osteoporosis
  • Improvement of posture and balance (less risk of falls in the elderly)
  • Improved coordination
  • Help with blood circulation (decreased sensation of heavy legs)

And there are others !

Conduct of a session

Allow between 1:30 and 2 hours for a session.

One course includes :

  • Muscle and joint warming
  • Walking ! (with nordic walking education)
  • Muscle Building Exercises
  • Specific Stretches


Number of sessions Price € Period of validity
1 meeting 10
5 sessions card 40 6 months
10 sessions card 70 6 months

* Rental of Nordic walking sticks available = 2 € per session

La marche nordique est une technique de marche avec des bâtons spécifiques qui permet de solliciter non seulement le bas du corps mais aussi le haut (90% des muscles sont sollicités).

Les jambes galbées et les bras musclés entraîneront votre corps vers une amélioration de votre endurance et une perte de poids. Vous désirez stimuler l’ensemble de votre corps afin d’éviter les blessures, la marche nordique est un excellent sport.

Cette pratique a le vent en poupe pour un grand nombre de bonnes raisons…

  • Exercice d’endurance très complet
  • Excellent pour le dos, les genoux, les chevilles. Moins de pression que lors de la marche ou la course à pieds
  • 90% des muscles sont sollicités
  • Perte de poids (perte de masse grasse)
  • Permet de lutter efficacement contre l’ostéoporose
  • Amélioration de la posture et de l’équilibre (moins de risque de chute chez la personne âgée)
  • Amélioration de la coordination
  • Aide à la circulation sanguine (diminution de la sensation de jambes lourdes)

Et il y en a d’autres !

Déroulement d’une séance

Prévoir entre 1h30 et 2 heures pour une séance.

Un cours comprend :

  • Echauffement musculaire et articulaire
  • Corps de séance (Marche !) avec des éducatifs de nordic walking
  • Exercices de renforcement musculaire
  • Etirements spécifiques


Nombre de séances Prix € Durée de validité
1 séance 10
Carte de 5 séances 40 6 mois
Carte de 10 séances 70 6 mois

* Location de bâtons de marche nordique disponible = 2 la séance

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